Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dream Weapons present: COLONIAL SPACE TOURS C90

Before I scrapped my original cover, inital idea and most of the content (but kept the title), the concept I went for was something like a travel agency or an intergalactic «Lonely Universe» travel book guide for future colonial space tourists. The end result is closer to this «pulp sci-fi» cover art - predominantly filled with stirring synth licks, drum machines and vocoders. Some new waveish songs as well, but all in all sounding much like the imagined soundtrack for a cheapish sci-fi flick anno ca. 1980 my visual presentation suggests  -Moahaha

1 Kevin Harrison - Camel's Mouth
2 Yellow Power - Queen Of Scots
3 Quimper - Pokey Nose
4 Yumi Murata  - 落椿~らくちん~
5 Maribeth Solomon, Brent Barkman and Micky Erbe - The House Without Walls
6 Don Cherry - Benoego
7 Dig It Al(l)  - Disco-Phase
8 Human Flesh - Delon Enlarges
9 Tomutonttu - Vesiputouksen alla, apina reppuselässä
10 BGM - And
11 Stefano Leproto - Love Theme from Sewer Baby
12 Suzy Andrews - Teenage Iceage

13 Lister - The Crawling Contest
14 Hoffnung & Psyche - Sie Bleibt Kalt
15 MK-II - Holy Waving Goodbye at Westgate
16 The Advisory Circle - Civil Defence Is Common Sense
17 Pink Tank - おしゃべりマリオネット
18 Die Doraus & Die Marinas - Der Lachende Papst
19 Pascal Languirand - Inesperdistan
20 Ahmed Malek - Tape 16 Track 3
21 Игорь Лень (Igor Len) - Приговор (Sentence)
22 Bach Revolution - Sound Story (Main Theme)
23 Carlos Perón - Der Zweite Tag der Schöpfung



  1. Thanks, Moahaha. :-) That Igor Len track is beautiful...

    1. My pleasure, Jaco. Yes Приговор is something special I think. I've been wanting to place it on a mix for "ages", but I haven't been able to make fit it in with the rest.

  2. Replies
    1. That was the very last track I included in the mix. It needed a happy tune with a waltz-break.