Friday, June 7, 2019

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: POLYHYMNIA C60

A Prabha Devi (☾︎) / Moahaha (♌︎) collaboration without any real plan or concept that turned out like this: Taking off in a sort of festive African, Arab & occasionally South East Asian mode. But eventually slows down and finishes off with a quartet of ethereal folk and sacral choirs that comes with a goosebump-guarantee.

1 Abderrahman El Khamiss - African Dance ☾︎
2 Akofa Akoussah - Kimumbu ♌︎
3 Robert Maalouf - Ana Wil Leyl  ☾︎
4 Archimedes Badkar - Kalimba (Fran Grondals Djupa Skogar) ♌︎
5 Al Balabil + Ali Mousili - Track 1 ♌︎
6 Finis Africæ - Los Pobres Del Mundo Tocan El Bombo  ☾︎
7 Waaberi - Tolweynaha Hantiwadaagga Ah ♌︎
8 Abdou El Omari - Afrah el Maghreb  ☾︎

9 Edzayawa - Adesa ♌︎
10 Futuro Antico - Sinikoro Kuma  ☾︎
11 Sothy - Lam Seung Bang Fai ♌︎
12 Ambon - Tjakalele: War Dance ♌︎
13 Aleksei Rybnikov - Признание  ☾︎
14 Brannten Schnure - Das Jungfrauliche Ohr  ☾︎
15 Karineh Hovhanessian - Vardani Mor Voghp  (Vardan's Lament) ♌︎
16 Virginia Astley - We Will Meet Again  ☾︎



  1. how did u get information about musicians and albums??

    1. Hey ffw. I'm not certain I understand what you mean? Like how we located the music in the first place?

    2. I mean, how did you digging music?

    3. -Personally I’ve been curious about all the music that wasn’t in the top 40 ever since I was a child. I wanted that groovy flute from a movie scene on tv and the folk tune they danced to in that village. So the first place I started was plowing my way through the huge music section in the library. I soon found out I loved a lot of gamelan, medieval, older soundtracks, european folk and asian music of all kinds etc… From there on I’ve always collected physically and later digitally in even bigger quantities.

      -I think we all learned and found a lot of the sort of «world music» presented on this mix from different pre-streaming mp3-mixtapes and blogs ca. 10-7 years ago. People learned/introduced each other, and this sort of created a fundament for knowing where and how to look&listen. There’s not much else to too but read up, listen and be willing to flick through 100 forgettable songs to locate that one rare treasure. We also use the musicblogs lot the right on our page, have listened to countless mixes and compilations + bandcamp (use tags), Youtube (find accounts and lists), itunes…

      When C60's and C90's like this suddenly started appearing 2010/2011 it was really inspiring:

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you (from Prabha Devi and me both)! Glad to see you're still dropping by.

    2. Thanks HammerandNails! Our pleasure.