Thursday, May 16, 2019

Dream Weapons present: UNHEIMLICH C60

The common understanding of unheimlich is defined in Sigmund Freud's essay "Das Unheimliche" (published in 1919) where he explores the eeriness of dolls and strangeness in the ordinary. A few layers of meaning gets lost when translated into «uncanny», but its still about something both familiar and unfamiliar. Potentially it can be comforting and discomforting simultaneously. «Oh, that’s just the attic ghost again» or «you look exactly like me!». An «other» kind of haunting beauty is what I was going for. But don’t let my ramblings get in the way for you to decide for yourself -Moahaha

1 The Tables - The Lord of the Rings  (Part I: The Fellowship of the Ring, II: The Two Towers & III: The Return of the King)
2 Esa Helasvuo - Song for a Tube (Omistettu Masalle ja Anjalle)
3 Kenyon Hopkins - Gloomy Sunday
4 Belbury Poly - And the Cuckoo Comes to Belbury
5 Phil Yost - Bent City I
6 Zdenek Liska - Aquatic Babicak
7 Genshu Hanayagi - いも虫ごろごろ
8 Janus - Pluck, Bow, Blow: Pluck
9 Magpahi - Hawthorn Heart
10 John Mills-Cockell - Winter Farewell (Dedication to Tolstoy)

11 Mandy More - Coffee Cups
12 Alphabets - Thoughts in our Hearts
13 Hiroshi Wada & Mahina Stars - お百度こいさん
14 Klaus Morlock - Janice and the Pentagram
15 Laura Escalante - El Divino Narciso - Lado 1
16 Cosmic Neighbourhood - Elf Door
17 Woorden - untitled song
18 Dominique Laurent - Quenouille
19 Teddy Reno - Addormentarmi Così



  1. Wonderful as always. Thanks a million!

  2. Hei. Truly wonderful mix! Do you know which album the song; Hiroshi Wada & Mahina Stars - お百度こいさ., is from?

    1. Thank you Rayma! お百度こいさ is from a 1977 2LP collection titled のすべて. Not on discogs but I found the cover:

      -but you can also find the song on this 1962 3LP-collection - which is probably more interesting as a whole (as their earlier material is their best):

    2. Excellent! Thank you very much!

  3. Thanks very much!

  4. As always, thanks for the music--much appreciated!

    1. I'm glad there's people like yourself out there enjoying them - so thanks for listening