Saturday, April 27, 2019

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: SUNWARD C60

Exotica tends to get lumped into the easy listening-section. But although a thing of beauty its often got a remarkably eerie and dramatic atmosphere. A lot of «serious music» is surely an easier listen… Anyway to spice things up a little extra in between all the hip beach and jungle-soundscapes I’ve managed to dig up seven wondrously exotic vintage songs for you as well. If you dig this stuff even half as much as I do, you’re in for a real treat! -Moahaha

1 The Islanders - City Under the Sea
2 Zespół Instrumentalny Marka Sewena - Cubanacan
3 Annette Hanshaw - Maui Girl
4 Hector Zazou - Le Passage de la Frontière
5 Giuliano Sorgini - Rhinoceros
6 Mantovani & Tipica Orchestra - Aloha Marimba
7 George Cates - Now Is The Hour
8 Stanley Wilson - Ritual of the Fertility Tree
9 Charles Bud Dant & His Orchestra - Forevermore
10 Fantastic Strings Orchestra - Luna Llena
11 Ted Auletta - The Sound of Exotica

12 Alfred Alpaka - Dark Moon
13 Edmundo Ros & His Band - Zombie
14 David Carroll - Love Theme (From "The World Of Suzie Wong")
15 Vera Lynn - Drifting and Dreaming
16 Lyle Ritz - Hana Maui
17 Toshiaki Yokota & Primitive Community - Black Narcissus
18 Frances Langford - Tropical Magic
19 Cal Tjader - Buhutu (Nanigo 6/8)
20 Bruno Nicolai - Bodo
21 Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders (feat. George Barclay) - It Happened in Kaloha
22 Richard Hayman and His Orchestra - Spell of Deatra


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