Monday, April 8, 2019

Dream Weapons present: (DIS)COMFORT ZONE C90

A further out and sonically more challenging version of my largely academic or modern classical (Un)Modern-mix. Packed with intriguing soundscapes and strange beauty galore but darker, more twisted and dissonant than its predecessor. All that aside I still tried to include only works that had a seductive or inviting quality to them. Anyone reading this has got to be at least a little bit musically adventurous - so this could be just a walk in the soundpark for some of you -Moahaha

1 Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind - Rocky Mountains
2 Anna Clyne & Colleen Clyne - Beauty (edit)
3 Vyacheslav Artyomov - III. Offertorium: Domine Jesu Christe
4 Grupo PIAP - Invocação em defesa da máquina III. Music Humanizes the Machine
5 Ivo Malec/Anne Pérez - Mavena 1/4
6 Ata Ebtekar & The Iranian Orchestra For New Music - Tonus
7 Andrea Belfi - C
8 Abbey Rader - Four-cast
9 Steve Kimmel - Doll-a-Bye Part 3 (Whispers)
10 Sylvano Bussotti - Variazone Russolo / Slancio D'Angoli
11 Yurodny - Zvuky Znakiv: III - Son (Dream)

12 Amanda Stewart - Sound and Sense
13 Awake - Sospensivita
14 Joji Yuasa - Voices Coming (excerpt)
15 Toki Takumi + Takashi Kojima - Mornest
16 Pacific 231 + John Duncan - Untitled
17 Henk Badings - Capriccio, for Violin and Two Sound Tracks
18 William Walton/Edith Sitwell - Façade: Lullaby for Jumbo
19 Felix Kubin & Ensemble Intégrales - Vögel Ohne Specht
20 Egisto Macchi - Kleines Dachauer Requiem
21 Ak Musick - Hava



  1. Thanks once again for a brilliant mix. This is pure comfort zone to me, coincidentally I am totally into this kind of music at the moment. Maybe spring came to early or I am just strange...who am I to decide?

    1. Ah thanks for that comment Till. Whenever "this" kind of music stands out to me - or just works somehow* its either/both/often about some satisfactory «brain-tingling» or a very physical reaction... much like the deep bass rumbles can get inside of you at a concert. Well, that’s me but I’m glad this selection in particular can resonate with another listener.

      *quite unlike my more emotional happy/sad and everything in between-response to my folk & oldies etc-shares.

  2. Yes,it has a similar effect on me. this music is adventurous and surprising, it is not shouting "love me!" to the listener, it is demanding something in a good way. It is not fitting in any pattern or
    That is why I like it

    1. Yeah I think Colleen Clyne's "spoken poetry-beauty warning" works well as an apt introduction of sorts:

      Beware the beauty
      Look beyond the fluttering wings
      Beyond the relentless display
      Beyond the upheaval
      Wind flickering the (...?)
      Of the beautiful one
      In all guises
      It throws itself at you
      With stark deliberation...

      -something like that

  3. Fantastic! As usual, this is amazing. Did you get Rocky Mountains from Wendy's Lost Scores cd's?

    1. Thanks! - much appreciated & also glad to hear from you D. Christie. No, I don't own the "Rediscovering Lost Scores", and the version there is only 1:47 long. I got this one from the original (and never rereleased) 1980-LP. Although far more known than what we usually present here - not many has actually heard it, seemingly because of Kubrick estate issues. Plus in this context I think it ominously sort of gently forewarns the listener.