Monday, June 25, 2018

Dream Weapons present: SEVEN RAYS C60

SEVEN RAYS is an odd mix for the time of year, but one can't be happy all the time. Its a reflective mix drawing on occult/religious/spacey/jazz tracks from all corners of the web. Put it on in your living room and lie down, start working your way through a nice bottle of crisp white wine and by the end you should be feeling better regardless.

- Prabha Devi

Side A
Jaime Mendoza - Nava - The Brotherhood of Satan
Flaviola e o Bando do Sol - Canto Fúnebre
Cithare en Priere - 2. Sois fort et tiens bon
Sister Marie Keyrouz - Alleluia
Vesame y abraçame - Joculatores Upsalienses
Esther - Lamandier
Basil Kirchin - I Start Counting #01 (Vocal)
Amedeo Tommasi & Stefano Torossi - Giardino Di Vetro
Man Parrish - Water Sports

Side B
Yves Hayat - Path to Ascension 2
Okko - Painted Sails on Ganges
Guruh Gipsy - Sekar Ginotan
Tony Scott - Swara Sulina (The Beautiful Sound Of The Flute 19)
Northern Thai Unknown - Klong Mongserng
Aura Urziceanu - Song din filmul PARASUTISTII



  1. Excellent mix! I've been a long time silent fan of this blog, but these last two mixes especially have been right up my alley so I had to say something. That Tomassi/Torossi record particularly is a gem, probably the last great thing either of those composers released in their contributions to library music. Cinedelic managed to get an interview with Amedeo Tomassi a few years ago that I always recommend to people. Fascinating hearing a composer talk about this era of weird/obscure library music
    (link for the curious: )

    -Brian (bloodmaw)

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Brian, and the link! Happy listening.

  2. You got me very excited when I saw I Start Counting, a favourite of mine for many years... those sublime guitar licks in the opening sequence (who was the guitarist?). The soundtrack recently got a reissue on Trunk, and it’s very highly recommended!
    Side A is working very nicely!!

    1. Thanks Rex.. it is indeed a beautiful song! I threw it in there to lighten the mood a bit. Hope you enjoy Side B too.

  3. Enjoyed very much the implicit / explicit spiritual orientation(from medieval to ambient/new age) and all these varied intruments (xylophone, sitar, zither, harp, lute clarinet, gamelan...). First I thought "Cithare en Prière" was a beautiful artist name and than I realized that it's the album title recorded at a monastery of carmelites in Luçon in France(Carmel de Luçon). Just one correction: Vesame y abraçame (song title)- Joculatores Upsalienses (artist) But to be sure check it once again. Thank you very much. A lot to explore. Armand

    1. Hey Armand!

      Thanks once again, oops, we can correct the mis-spelling. And yes, the Carmelite Nuns are up to some magic up there. We had another song of theirs on the Episodes of Insect Life mixtape.

  4. After the Basil Kirchin track, things start to get ‘watery’. I’m a sucker for dreamy aqua soundscapes, I could listen to Sven Libaeks Inner Space all day
    From Tommasi and Torossi through to Yves Hayat, the trip is a pleasant journey down a languid river (The Ganges perhaps)
    Okko is complimenting the journey, until quite unexpectedly, he takes a left turn towards the rapids!
    Things begin to get hazy here. All I recall are the sounds of distant hallucinatory flutes
    Then the river journey ends with the welcoming sounds of a beautiful Romanian high priestess ( what a way to finish things off)
    It’s been a beautiful trip

    1. Awesome reading your comments Rex. All of us have some form of terror and panic when putting together mixtapes because you never know how it will be heard through other peoples ears. Of course we dont expect anyone to like ALL the stuff we do, or every song on a mix, but if its at least a journey or a chance to discover a few new songs then its all worth it!

  5. It’s so good to revisit your mixes and find gems that went under my radar. Two cases in point;
    Flaviola - Canto Funeral. Amazing 3rd eye candy. I’ll be exploring more of this slightly alternative tropicalia
    Yves Hayat- Paths to ascension. I love this slightly lo fi beauty
    Please don’t panic about how your mixes are received!!
    You are providing a valuable community service for jaded ears! I’ve even got one of my daughters listening, so hopefully they can inspire future generations
    Thank you

    1. Rex

      Again, thanks so much for your continued support and comments. They really provide inspiration for us to keep doing this. Super happy that you find some songs on the mixes that you really like!
      All the best
      Prabha Devi