Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dream weapons present: ROCK ME TO SLEEP C90

Built around the ultimate song of despair in the history of mankind (O Death…), these ninety minutes of lamentable lullabies, haunting ballads and melancholic folktunes sort of made itself (well, the four hour long version did). I think I've put together a thing of great beauty and mystery - which I hope you’ll find uplifting rather than depressing. Besides its not as dark or gloomy as I make it out to be. If you were actually rocked to sleep while listening I’m sure your dreams would be mostly pleasant and only slightly eerie.


1 Lily & Maria - Ismene - Jasmine
2 All in the Golden Afternoon - Oh My Love
3 Come to the Well - The Answer Is You, Jesus
4 Södra Bergens Balalaikor - Sjto Gorit, Gorit
5 Mama Béa Tekielski - Pour M'y Porter Dormir
6 Rosemary Standley & Helstroffer’s Band
 - O Death Rock Me to Sleep
7 Henk Werkhoven - Blue Friends
8 Anneke Konings - Zon / Maan
9 V.C. Clinton-Baddeley and Pauline Letts - The Unquiet Grave
10 Midnight Syndicate - Mesonoxian Visitors
11 Antique Doll - Rocking Horse
12 Trudie Richman - Pada
13 Mircea Nițu - Doina - Cimbalom
14 The Paris Sisters - Yes - I Love You
15 A Le Groupe Orchidée - (05)
16 Unspecified / Georgia - Didavoi-Nana - Дида вой, нана

17 Fernando Yvosky - Prologo
18 David Stoughton - Evening Song
19 Pearls Before Swine - Translucent Carriages
  (portable organ & cello-version)
20 Robin Williamson - Gwydion's Dream
21 Michael Raven & Joan Mills - The Queen of the Night
22 Rosemary Hardman - I Left My Baby Lying
23 Brasschaats Mandoline Orkest & Marcel De Cauwer - Poème
24 Kathy Smith - For Emile
25 Foreningen Til Livets Beskyttelse - Illusioner
26 Swordedge - My Ladye Constance
27 Aaron Lightman - Now is the Time
28 Gloria Levi - A La Una (At One O’clock)
29 Lavendeltreppe - An Dro Shako
30 Isla Cameron - John Anderson
31 Reality From Dream - Dawn



  1. I’m yet to give this huge mix my fullest consideration. I can’t seem to get past the spine tingling beauty of Anneke Konings. What an amazing interpretation of what I assume is Find The Cost of freedom in Dutch. Simply stunning. Can’t wait to immerse myself in the rest of the mix...

    1. Yes as lovely as CSN&Y's original version is; I think Annekes hymnlike recreation of their protest song surpasses it. Actually Zon / Maan were originally seperated and bookends her second album but I spliced them together for my mix. Hope you'll eventually enjoy the remaining 30 tunes too... or at least some-or most of them.

  2. Thank you again and again for this mix of beautifull lullibies dedicated mostly to female singers. I also very much enjoyed to find Mama Béa Tekielski. Catherine Ribeiro deserves also surely to be better known. Best. Armand

    1. My pleasure, Armand. While Catherine Ribeiro seems to have a something of a growing fan base/cult following, Mama Béa Tekielski is still largely overlooked.

    2. I completely agree! A.

  3. Thanks very much! Love your compilations.

  4. Thanks for all of your hard work. I love to sit at night with my wife, candles lit (in art jail) listening to each mix.

    By the way, is there a place to send requests? I just got an accordion and I'm dying to learn only the most fantastical songs.

    1. Hi Dylan,

      Its inspiring to learn that you and your wife enjoy sitting up in the candlelit night while listening to our mixes. Very curious to know what «art jail» means though.

      I guess sending requests (so that you can practice your accordion while playing along to them?) could be an unthankful task of sorts. I mean getting tips for nice and obscure songs are more than welcome. But it has to fit in and needs to be unknown to the extent that practically «no one» has heard it before (sans the odd exception). Plus every mix follows its own "logic" - if you know what I mean. So I don’t know maybe you’ll dissapointed when «your songs» never seem to appear?

    2. I see what you mean. Sorry for asking.

      Art jail is when one of a group of people lock themselves up in a room with no distractions and just make. It's a very cleansing process, especially for people like me who are not artistically talented in any way. Sounds like something easy to do in any moment but sometimes creating those "boundaries" are necessary.

    3. No worries Dylan and nothing wrong with asking.

      I get the whole art jail concept and surprised I've never heard about it.

  5. Love audio cassette.Thank you.God bless you.

    1. oh thank you Jacob Mello... made my day brighter