Thursday, April 26, 2018

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: YEAR OF THE DOG C60

Our second collaboration for 20ft Radio mainly contains oldies and folk songs from South East Asia. Think soundtracks to Tsai Ming Liang movies or Wong Kar Wai, seductive tearooms, opium dens, thick smoke and eastern perfume.

1. Ren Qingzhi - Channels of Fortune ⟡
2. Stella Chee - Victoria Peak Love Song ♌︎︎
3. Key Boys  - Beloved Boat ☾︎
4. Mar Mar Aye - Because of Love ⟡
5. Lily Chao - 青山錦錦萬里長 ♌︎
6. Ichimaru - Samisen Boogie Woogie ☾︎
7. Unknown Artist -  Panceng Ora Disedya ⟡
8. Charlie & The White Cloud Orchestra - Track 2 ♌︎
9. Yao Su Rong & The Telstars Combo - Tou Xin De Ren ☾︎

1. Mak Wan - Gone Like Dreams ⟡
2. Yang Yan - Meteor Night ♌︎
3. Frank Nagai - Tokyo Gozen Sanji ⟡
4. Orkes Kroncong Bintang Nusantara, featuring Tuty H.P. - Wuyung ♌︎
5. Ujang Suryana - Urab Sampeu ☾︎
6. Konno Yuko With Children Chorus - Toryanse Toryanse ♌︎
7. Phong Thuyet Nguyen - Co La ⟡
8. Huo Ruowei; Sun Wenyan - Poplars and Willows In Spring ♌︎

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  1. Salute, you guys are the best and I follow everything you do!

    1. Thanks so much Aaron! Very welcome to hear comments like that from followers.

  2. Music as delicate as it can get, like blooming flowers in spring. Beautiful collaborative mixtape. Thank you very much. Armand.

    1. That sounds better than we dared to hope for - thank you Armand!

    2. Armand! You rule. Your comments make this worth doing. Enjoy

  3. This mix makes me yearn to be somewhere far far away from staid suburban Sydney. And assisted with a glass or two, these beautiful tunes transport me....
    I was expecting older more traditional sounds, some of this tunes feel quite modern (or just plain timeless). Amazing musicianship to match the angelic vocals. Nowhere does ‘surf guitar’ quite like S.E.Asia!
    Again, so many thanks for opening my mind/ imagination

    1. You're not alone in your yearning, Rex. Sadhu Sadhu who complied this originally sat out to make a purely vintage-sounding-oldies kind of mix. But I... and I think Prabha Devi too missed that part and just sent hours of "geographically correct" songs we like from whenever - which is why I guess the end result resembles a recent movie/period drama with a story set in the 1950-60's instead.

      +glad your enjoying this... your thoughts are always interesting and very much appreciated.

  4. As a fellow mix tape blogger I always can count on you guys to be different. Thanks for the variety. My hungry ears appreciate it! Bill

  5. On a personal note, I’m born in the year of the dog and the reason I named this mix after that was basically that so far this yer has been pretty shit for me so far. Time to bring out the jade rings and red socks I guess.

    1. Oh dear Sadhu Sadhu. I was born in the year of the snake, no surprises as to my venomous personality.