Monday, January 21, 2019

Dream Weapons present: THE HIGH PRIESTESS C90

Basically the same theme as my Fourth World-mix. Which means more ethnic/oriental/folk/latin/psych/spiritual jazzfusion-grooves with flutes and percussion aplenty. Good vibes for bad times. The kind of jazzy jams that makes me regret never learning to play an instrument. Four out of the eighteen gems on The High Priestess features female bandleaders. Among them the brilliant Bobbi Humphrey - who also adorns the cover -Moahaha

1 Berndt Egerbladh - Ja Kom Då
2 Bobbi Humphrey - Virtue
3 Arnie Lawrence - Yoffie is Back
4 Open Music - Gelişmek
5 John Sangster - The Birds
6 Charlie Mariano - Out of the Jungle
7 Steve Kuhn - The Baby
8 L'J IV - Orientis
9 Albert Piamenta - ימין משה

10 The WEB - Green Side Up
11 Patrice Rushen - Jubilation
12 The Cabildos - Kigis Konar Story
13 Buki-Yamaz - Trade Winds
14 Joanne Grauer - Inside Outside
15 Frank Evans - The Bistro Kid
16 McCoy Tyner - Indo-Serenade
17 Sounds of Liberation - New Horizons II
18 Adele Sebastian - Desert Fairy Princess



  1. Thank you! Very nice.

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome Big Sun - kind of a "sunny" mix, isn't it?

  3. Thank you Moahaha! Listened several times to pick up my favorites: Berndt Egerbladh, Open Music, John Sangster, the funky organ of Inside Outside and of course Frank Evans' guitar and Adele Sebastian, a very nice discovery for me. Best!

    1. You're very welcome - and that is a nice 1/3 of favorites you picked indeed... Some of these artists has extensive discographies with more gems to discover, while others don't. Sadly Adele Sebastian died of kidney failure only 27 years old - soon after having released her (lovely) debut album as a leader (from where I used the title track).