Friday, April 2, 2021

Dream Weapons present: SUNSET, SUNRISE C60

Spring is here!! This surely means the much sought-after summer of 2021 is just around the corner as well. I aimed for Sunset, Sunrise to sound like your dream holiday on a paradise island of yesteryear. Looking forward whilst longing back so to speak. A dozen plus one magical tunes packed with strings, flutes, kīkākilas, vibes, kotos, bongos, congas, boo bams, gongs, whistling and humming (m.m.)… accompanied by six enchanting songs. In a coconutshell: here’s another exotica-mix! -Moahaha

1 Jan Lindblad - Mera Dil Ye Pugri
2 Paul Mark- Gion Kouta
3 Ìxtahuele - Mareld
4 Muzzy Marcellino - Beyond the Reef
5 Stanley Black - Flamingo
6 Eve Boswell - Moon Above Malaya
7 Edmond De Luca - The Trek
8 Lombardo Twins - Arabian Drums
9 Linda Lawson - Where Flamingos Fly

10 Luis Enriquez - Mercato Delle Schiave
11 Tak Shindo - For You
12 Billy Ward, voc. Eddie Herring - Moonlight and Shadows
13 Bob Kojima and his Orchestra - Genroku Hanami Odori
14 Group Thirty Orchestra - Caracao
15 Bing Crosby - Home in Hawaii
16 Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica - Moai Thief
17 George De Fretes - Sweet Luana
18 Les Paul & Mary Ford - Farewell
19 Sam Taylor - Lullaby of Itsuki

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-and for more exotica check out Sunward & Distant Drums


  1. Thanks again for a great comp. The covers are just great as well, especially this one. I'd have downloaded it just on the strength the cover alone. Great stuff.

    1. Thanks Zipper! For me working with the cover art is a great part of the «fun».

  2. The first time i was listening to this compilation, I was like 'yeah, nice'. The 2nd time, I was like 'oh yeah, nice'. The 3rd time, I was like 'oh yeah, really nice'. The 4th time, I was like 'oh oh oh YEAH, really REALLY nice'. The coverart is nice too.. =-]

    1. Nice, really nice! Thanks:). Seriously though, I really appreciate your comment. All - or most my favorite listening experiences comes from a first "yeah this is pretty nice" to that later sensation when its really gotten under my skin. I don't know - just happy to hear you really enjoyed it!

  3. Very nice !Thanks for exotic melodies !

    1. Once again, I'm happy to hear from you and that you're enjoying our shares:)