Sunday, June 13, 2021

Dream Weapons present: ALL IN THE GOLDEN AFTERNOON C60

Tippy toeing rhythms & rhymes, mild mannered voices and sounds. Like half-forgotten daydreams through a soft focus lens. Mostly in a lighthearted, sensuously innocent mood, yet not without life’s fair share of melancholy and sadness -Moahaha

-In gentler tones Secunda hopes «There will be nonsense in it» (Lewis Carroll)

1 Yves Simon - Le Mariage A L'Usine
2 Thien Huong et Jean-Philippe - La Prison De Bambou
3 Kathe Green - Bossa Nova
4 Chiemi Eri - Sado-Okesa
5 Shuji Terayama - 逢いたい
6 Armando Sciascia - Mediterranean Sunset
7 Martha Mendonça - Superstição
8 Fernanda Maria - Princesa do Tejo
9 Silvano D'Auria - Sabina #3
10 Tomoko Ogawa - さよならマカオ
11 Rafika Duri & Ireng Maulana - Sabda Alam
12 Charles Dumont - Theme Oriental

13 Junko Igarashi - 垣根の向う
14 Off Course - ほんの少しの間だけ
15 Denise Emmer - Tema Verde
16 Maria Creuza - Luz Negra / O Sol Nascera
17 António Emiliano - Alegres Camponeses
18 Hareton Salvanini - Olhe Menina
19 Fred Bongusto - Titoli
20 The Mutual Understanding - Rain Rain Go Away
21 Mike Green - Tara's Theme
22 Birgit Bruel - Den Største Sorg
23 The Fleetwoods - I Believe
24 Roberto Anselmi - Casa Bianca (Marcia Lenta E Cadenzata)

All in the Golden Afternoon along with The Innocents, Safe Space is the Place, Birds of a Feather and Windswept Daydream makes for a pentalogy of musical delights. Seven hours of balm for the ears and kindness for your soul (if you got one).

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  1. Just found out that I actually have a soul while listening to the golden afternoon. Thanks for that!

    1. Happy to hear that, Till (I've yet to locate my own:)

  2. very nice (seriously)

    thnx =-]

    1. Thank you - I'm just as serious about nice as I am about serious:)

  3. My pleasure, zipper. If you need some comforting sounds after having exposed yourself to The Infinite Stream, you know you got this post right underneath.