Thursday, June 24, 2021

Dream Weapons present: THE INFINITE STREAM C90

Twelve weirdly wondrous avant-garde/free jazz (and the likes) treasures, 1967-1980. This one's taken me ages to finish as it was vital that every selected tune had a certain crossover appeal + a «whoa I didn’t see that coming!»… whilst listening sensation. A stand out quality.

-Whether that means combining uncompromising jazz with choirs, spoken word, a dance groove, a lovely folk tune, over the top insanity - or a sound space of strangely evocative timbres. An infinite stream of pure, convoluted entertainment. 2x45 minutes packed with virtuosity, insanity and excitement! -Moahaha

1 Jan Garbarek Quartet - Arnold (final part)  5:39
2 Baird Hersey and the Year of the Ear - The Charioteer  3:36
3 Miho Kei & Jazz Eleven - Kokezaru Kumikyoku 1. Mizaru  6:31
4 Charles Sullivan - Genesis  17:36
5 Georg Riedel - Riedaiglia 6  5:14
6 Barry Altschul - Con Alma de Noche  6:10

7 Herbert f. Bairy - Runnin’  7:39
8 Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Love Buenos Aires  9:09
9 New Jazz Trio - Absolute  2:58
10 Barre Phillips - Part VI  11:01
11 Tony Iglio - Yatagan  7:31
12 Melvin Jackson - Dance of the Dervish  6:35



  1. Hi Moahaha,
    on which album is the track by Garbarek, Arnold? Can´t find anything about it...

    1. Hi Till, It's lifted off here. The end-edit of the 21 minute long Arnold are the only five minutes+ I really enjoyed on the Popofoni. Duncan Heining obviously disagrees with me. Its very different for the rest of the composition - and the rest of the album.

  2. Thanks Moahaha!
    That´s very interesting, because usually I avoid Jan Garbarek like the devil the holy water. I was surprised that I actually like it. But it sounds a bit like an early Pink Floyd / Syd Barrett rip off anyway, haha!

    1. Yes, now that you mention it there's actually a far out psychedelic/space rock element to it. I get that you normally avoid Garbarek, but he didn't start sounding like himself until about 1973. Give his two first soloalbums Afric Pepperbird and Sart a listen - if you haven't already. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. The former album is actually raw and great fun. Ever seen the terms "raw" or "fun" used to describe anything related to Garbarek before?

    2. I never experienced raw and fun and Grabarek so far, no. I will check it out. Thanks!

    3. That strange link was supposed to be to a Popofoni mp3-post, but something went wrong. I'll try again here:

  3. Free jazz is something I usually keep at bay using a pointy stick. But...I'm willing to give it a shot if only to say I once went there and lived to tell the tale (hopefully). Cheers!

    1. I understand (although I don't feel the same:). There's hardly any of that typical post-Coltrane full on squeaky horn blowout marathons here - which I have very little patience for - or interest in. I do think I kept both the entertainment and beauty-level reasonably high. Also I'm more interested in strange soundspaces rather than noise. Hope you find something to enjoy (I think you will)!

  4. nIce!!! thank you!!!...


    1. Thanks again for the nIce with a capitol "I"!