Thursday, June 24, 2021

Dream Weapons present: THE INFINITE STREAM C90

Twelve weirdly wondrous avant-garde/free jazz (and the likes) treasures, 1967-1980. This one's taken me ages to finish as it was vital that every selected tune had a certain crossover appeal + a «whoa I didn’t see that coming!»… whilst listening sensation. A stand out quality.

-Whether that means combining uncompromising jazz with choirs, spoken word, a dance groove, a lovely folk tune, over the top insanity - or a sound space of strangely evocative timbres. An infinite stream of pure, convoluted entertainment. 2x45 minutes packed with virtuosity, insanity and excitement! -Moahaha

1 Jan Garbarek Quartet - Arnold (final part)  5:39
2 Baird Hersey and the Year of the Ear - The Charioteer  3:36
3 Miho Kei & Jazz Eleven - Kokezaru Kumikyoku 1. Mizaru  6:31
4 Charles Sullivan - Genesis  17:36
5 Georg Riedel - Riedaiglia 6  5:14
6 Barry Altschul - Con Alma de Noche  6:10

7 Herbert f. Bairy - Runnin’  7:39
8 Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Love Buenos Aires  9:09
9 New Jazz Trio - Absolute  2:58
10 Barre Phillips - Part VI  11:01
11 Tony Iglio - Yatagan  7:31
12 Melvin Jackson - Dance of the Dervish  6:35



  1. Hi Moahaha,
    on which album is the track by Garbarek, Arnold? Can´t find anything about it...

    1. Hi Till, It's lifted off here. The end-edit of the 21 minute long Arnold are the only five minutes+ I really enjoyed on the Popofoni. Duncan Heining obviously disagrees with me. Its very different for the rest of the composition - and the rest of the album.

  2. Thanks Moahaha!
    That´s very interesting, because usually I avoid Jan Garbarek like the devil the holy water. I was surprised that I actually like it. But it sounds a bit like an early Pink Floyd / Syd Barrett rip off anyway, haha!

    1. Yes, now that you mention it there's actually a far out psychedelic/space rock element to it. I get that you normally avoid Garbarek, but he didn't start sounding like himself until about 1973. Give his two first soloalbums Afric Pepperbird and Sart a listen - if you haven't already. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. The former album is actually raw and great fun. Ever seen the terms "raw" or "fun" used to describe anything related to Garbarek before?

    2. I never experienced raw and fun and Grabarek so far, no. I will check it out. Thanks!

    3. That strange link was supposed to be to a Popofoni mp3-post, but something went wrong. I'll try again here:

  3. Free jazz is something I usually keep at bay using a pointy stick. But...I'm willing to give it a shot if only to say I once went there and lived to tell the tale (hopefully). Cheers!

    1. I understand (although I don't feel the same:). There's hardly any of that typical post-Coltrane full on squeaky horn blowout marathons here - which I have very little patience for - or interest in. I do think I kept both the entertainment and beauty-level reasonably high. Also I'm more interested in strange soundspaces rather than noise. Hope you find something to enjoy (I think you will)!