Thursday, March 18, 2021

Dream Weapons present: UP ABOVE, DOWN BELOW C60

Whenever the world feels like an ugly, stupid, cold and evil place - which is quite often really… the beauty of music is always there to help me «out of the darkness and into the light*». Now here's a dozen heart-worn-on-their-sleeve-songs and a handful of complementary instrumentals. Originating from different centuries, cultures and environments, yet still sharing a common ground in mood, mode and general loveliness. All gently melancholic folk music in one way or another, but with a few modern classical and early music excursions. So dear friends, time to start our healing process and let music be your shrink, life coach or drug. Try it! The first hour is free! Sorry, got a bit carried away there. But its a nice little mixtape -Moahaha (*inspirational quote: Pantera - Cowboys From Hell)

1 Wileńszczyzna - Oj, Zaszło Słonko
2 Agate Simfonia - A Lullaby (From "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword")
3 Kaoguiamo - Guine-Kaoberdi
4 The Martin Sisters - Piccadilly Billy
5 Wall Matthews (feat. Andrew Williams & Rusty Clark) - The Village
6 Aarti Mukherji - Sab Loke Koy Lalan Ki Jaat Sansare
7 Brigada Victor Jara - Manolo Mio
8 Yovanna (Γιοβάννα) - Ο Tάφος

 9 Rovi - Buccheri
10 Popi Asteriadi (Πόπη Αστεριάδη) - Αφιέρωμα Στον Χορτάτζη
11 Aitana Alberti & Dúo Amanecer - Danza de la Pastora
12 Sylvain Chauveau + Chant 1450 Renaissance Ensemble - Pues que tu reina + Mi libertad
13 Helga Myhr - Du skal ikke døren stenge
14 Maciej Żołnowski - Kwartet Japonski II
15 Maria Joao - Senhora Santa Combinha
16 Chucha Assar - Badiour
17 Abdallah Chahine - Ya Nas Ana Mutt

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-Guine-Kaoberdi is just one among countless gems I've been sent over the years from well... someone I don't know who is, but I know it's a generous person who's got a lot of great, unheard music to share. So do check out Monkey D. Sound's youtube-account.