Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Dream Weapons present: PORT OF CALL C60

Back in the days you had to either know - or be a seaman to have heard the music of the world. But today I’m your captain inviting you all on a musical treasure hunt. Get ready for another dizzying round trip of the seven seas - and back in time -Moahaha 

1 Rene Hall & His Band - Cleo (1958)
2 Adelina Garcia - Desesperadamente (1940)
3 Odete Amaral - A Batucada Começou (1941)
4 Irany e seu Conjunto - Que Murmurem (1957)
5 Josephine Baker - Sous Le Ciel d'Afrique (1935)
6 Rita Drangsholt - Sigøynerfiolinen (1945)
7 Naushad - Dance Music (1954)
8 이난영 / Lee Nan Young - 과거몽  / Lost in the Past (1940)
9 The Haitian Orchestra - Sous Les Palmiers (1939)
10 Siss Hartmann - Plukke En Høne Med Deg (1955)

11 Djuwita - Perahu Ladju (1955)
12 Roy Smeck and his Paradise Serenaders - I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time (1957)
13 Xavier Cugat feat. Dinah Shore - Jungle Drums (1952)
14 Carol Bruce - Carioca (1941)
15 Mohamed Abdel Wahab - El Mamaljk (1948)
16 Shiraz  - Khitayyi (1957)
17 Tak Shindo - Huts of Kichwamba (1958)
18 Jean Lumiere - Le Caravanier (1940)
19 Damia - La Nuit en Mer (1936)
20 Hank Mardigian - Chefte Telli (1958)

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  1. Thanks a lot for this new gift, sounds to remember sunny days here in southern hemisphere!!

    1. Yes, this time of year we even got some sunny days here in the northern hemisphere!

  2. By the way, the compilation is truly awesome...Cold snowy day here is getting warmer under "Port of Call" delights!!

    1. Wow snowing... in New Zealand? Anyway glad you enjoy it and glad you posted a comment, because now I clicked on your name and noticed your latest stack of great shares!

    2. Please be my guest in my blog, it's inspired on your work with DW along the time!! (...and about the snow, i'm from Chile, South America hehe)

    3. Thanks! Right - I was thinking you had to live in either Chile, Argentina or New Zealand, but landed on the latter as your english seem pretty much flawless.

  3. Thank you so much for including the years on the track listing! I know it can take extra detective work to find those and I really appreciate it. Great mix!

    1. It took a little extra effort and I'm glad it's appreciated - also happy that you like the mix:)

  4. Cleo... used to know an old lady named Cleo.. Superb mix per usual.. Not sure why i'm not signed in... says i'm an anonymous

    1. Hey anonymous. I'm anonymous too, and I'm Moahaha. I have no idea why this is. Never known a Cleo. Is it short for Cleopatra btw?
      ...Glad you like the mix!

  5. I have a very good feeling about this compilation ! Thanks !

  6. You're welcome DOOMSTERJOHN! -Moahaha (who's not able to comment from my google-account)

  7. You're welcome zipper! -Moahaha (who's still unable to sign in to comment as "myself")