Monday, August 15, 2022

Dream Weapons present: ENDLESS SUMMER C60

In this day and age I can’t wait for the dog days to end, but as a child I dreaded the coming of autumn. Remember feeling free, doing nothing, riding a bike with that girl or boy that became your best friend while on holiday? Or maybe you befriended a neighborhood cat. I always did. A warm and loving bittersweet farewell to the last breath of summer. Also, the actual songs here are mostly catchy, fun and (from) all over the place -Moahaha

1 Derboukas - Caravan March
2 Lee Mija - 漢江水打令 / Hangangsu Taryeong
3 Dimitra Galani - H Pikra Simera
4 Dia Prometido - A Time For Us
5 The World Of Good & Plenty - Children Dreamin'
6 The Voices Of East Harlem - Giving Love
7 Cedric Im Brooks - Sabayindah
8 Kathy Kirby - You're the One
9 CMU - Mystical Sounds
10 Mikado - C'est le Vent

11 Ike Bennett & The Crystalites - Patricia
12 Antonio Adolfo e a Brazuca - Ao Redor
13 Hoàng Oanh - Ru Nắng
14 Eka Sapta - Pengertian
15 Merrilee Rush - Sunshine & Roses
16 The Fool - Cry For Me
17 Igal Shamir- Reverie
18 Elisa Serna - La Muerte del Niño Herido
19 Ruy Mingas - Mu Ndenge Ami
20 The Robin Jones Seven  - Warm Loving Eyes

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  1. Truly amazing compilation, i am totally impressed with Lee Mija, but sadly there's no much stuff on the net from this Korean Goddess; as i am saying since tons of years ago following your priceless work, thanks for teaching us so much as i soak up!! (Don't forget to visit my new (and the older too) blog, almost weekly i am sharing the sounds that accompany me in the gaps between my daily activities, with no other intention than to share the passion for music and nothing more than music).

  2. Hey Crazy Monkey - thank you! I'm glad you like it. I've been somewhat distracted lately, so I just compiled a lighthearted mix made out of old favorites really. I'll gat back being full on music nerd eventually including visiting your blog more frequently. Mohaha (who for some reason can't post comments on his own blog anymore). I have a gift for you actually... coming up in a follow-up comment.

  3. You can read the backstory in regards to how special Lee Mija, and the album this track is taken from in these three Arirang Mountain Pass-post here:

    +Here's my holy grail/song search/trot-album (feel free to share it on your blog)

  4. Hi Moahaha, you can't imagine how i feel with this wonderful gift, thanks a lot! Now is time to study and learn more about Korean Trot style, I am very impressed with such beauty!!

    1. You're welcome Crazy Monkey - plenty of gems there, I think.

  5. Replies
    1. Glad you like it DOOMSTERJOHN (best, Moahaha)

  6. Luv is in the air!!! Having a nice wonderful time on this one...

    1. Thank you - really happy to hear!