Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dream Weapons present: POWDERED GOLD C60 by Klangverkstedet

“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.” - Maud Hart Lovelace

This sixty minute long guest mix of mellifluous, sunshine-tinged sound, was kindly compiled for us by Klangverkstedet.

Head to Groobie Tapes to find out more about Klangverkstedet and his lates release:

Tony Hymas & Joe Campbell - The Original Mr Men Theme
Virginia Astley - Mindless Days
The Free Design - Bubbles
Som Imaginário - Super-Goo
Esquivel - Carioca
Fabrizio De André - Un ottico
The Zodiac - Pisces, the Peace Piper (Edit)
Umber Sleeping - 90,000 Years
Modular - Jack Rabbit
Jean-Jacques Perry - EVA
The Waikikis - Hawaiian March
Francis Bebey - Sanza Tristesse
Harumi - Sugar in Your Tea

Steban - Fruit Order
Roedelius & Muraglia - A Nostalgia for Lollipops
Caravan - Hello Hello
Vanishing Twin - Vota Ubu
Pram - Mother of Pearl
Peter Howell & John Ferdinando - Setting Sun
The Pastels & Tenniscoats - Vivid Youth
Nino Rota - Juliet's Theme
The Doubling Riders - Oltre Cydamus



  1. That was quick, MF already took down the link. Thank you for the great music! Cheers!

  2. Yea, I guess we should just stop using MF altogether. Glad you enjoyed the mix though. :)

  3. Just recently played a selection of French disco and space disco 70/80s, glad to see Jean-Jeacques Perry and Francis Bebey.
    Just found you accidentally, keep up the great stuff, greetings from Russia.

  4. These mixtapes are so precious, thank you thank you thank you

  5. Thanks Anonymous and Unknown for the kind words.

  6. Recently downloaded and listened to this and it's rather wonderful.

    Any more of your mixes that you'd particularly recommend? Or are all equally stellar?

    1. Each and every mix here are probably not stellar to you JB, but we put quite a lot of effort into making them worth your while - every time. We cover a lot of ground, and you may not be a fan of everything we present. Tags and text should be quite useful. But let’s say you enjoy the strange, mildly psychedelic beauty of this guest mix. Maybe you’d enjoy this selection (from the top of my head) a little extra:

      Ghostin Through Neitherlands
      Drain Crystals + Drain Crystals 2
      Dead But Dreaming
      Stay My Love
      Safe Space is the Place
      The Innocents
      Salome’s Dream
      I Still Remember

      All very nice …but now I’ve largely skipped all our mainly world, afrobeat, Eastern European, jazz (spiritual, oriental…), latin, trot, groove, electronic, vintage, 78pm/shellac-era, exotica, Avant-garde, experimental, afrobeat, folk, etc… mixes. But if most of these mentioned styles interest you, you’ll probably find LOTS to love here.

    2. Thanks very much Moahaha - I'll slowly start to work through some of those. I think I found the above mix from your list on RYM - Ear&Mind-expanding Comps and Mixtapes (it must be the same Moahaha.)

      Thanks for the great mixes and beautiful artwork.

    3. Yes, Moahaha is me both here and at RYM:). Thanks for the kind words - and... enjoy!