Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dream weapons present: STRANGENESSES C90


-In particle physics, strangeness («S») is a quantum number assigned the value −1 for one kind of quark, +1 for its antiquark, and 0 for all other quarks; the strangeness of a hadron is the sum of the values for the strangeness of its constituent quarks and antiquarks.

«hah! these tunes don’t sound particularly strange to a sonically experienced listener such as myself» you may think to yourself sometime during its first fifteen minutes. That’s because I’ve also taken into consideration the data from Large Hadron Collider that has recently proven the existence of a whole new class of subatomic particles, called Pentaquarks - formed of two up quarks, one down quark, one charm quark, and one anti-charm quark. Obviously.


1. The Ilk - Powerplant
2. Aut’Chose - Blue Jeans Sur La Plage
3. Yo Yo Hashi - Yo Yo's Pad
4. Patsy Ray - Beatnik's Wish
5. Bob Kelly - Beepin’ Squeal
6. Gianni Marchetti  - Psico in Controluce
7. Altatódalok - Könnyű Álom
8. Anthony Fonseca (feat. Spinning Cat) - Alkyholics Anonymous
9. Bruno Nicolai - Notti Romane
10. Bene Gesserit - She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Show
11. Orriel Smith - Hannah Emerges In the Night
12. Nina & Frederik - Elizabeth and Richard
13. Welfare State - Silence Is Requested In The Ultimate Abyss
14. Flamen Dialis - Dédale Vert du Retour
15. The Fourth Way - The Far Side Of Your Moon

16. Pookiesnackenburger - Pyramids
17. Fumaca Preta - Espelhos Fundidos
18. Patience & Prudence - Over Here
19. Shorty Petterstein - Mental Blockages (I Couldn't Remember the Words)
20. Virna Lindt - The Dossier On Virna Lindt
21. Cybe - Little Arabie
22. Tak Shindo - Summer Festival
23. Miriam Burton - Apartheid
24. Elaine & Derek - One Little Robin
25. Structure - Inter Mobile
26. André Ricros & Louis Sclavis Quartet - Mes Amis
27. Vince Tempera - Falsa Dimensione
28. John Williams & Stomu Yamash’ta - Dogs, Ponies and Old Ruins
29. Banda do Casaco - Virgolino Faz o Pino
30. Dionne-Brégent - Chant D'espoir Instrumental

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