Thursday, February 20, 2020

Dream Weapons present: MY HEART TREMBLES C60

Eurasian world/folk music connected to ancient civilizations and old traditions originating from Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Georgia, Poland, Bulgaria, Moldavia and probably elsewhere too. Sometimes with a slightly updated approach - occasionally several styles in symbiosis but always authentic, deep, profound and painstakingly beautiful -Moahaha

1 State Merited Company of Georgia Folk Songs and Dances -  Лети, черна птицо (Fly, Black Swallow)
2 Bulgarian National Folk Ensemble Pirin & Kiril Stefanov - Zapey Zemya
3 Victoria Darvai - Prin Pădure Trece-Mi-Oi
4 Мирза Тоиров (Mirza Toirov) - Дилбарим (Dilbarim)
5 Muzsikás - Elment a Madárka
6 Gurgen Mirzoyan with Ensemble of Folk Instruments - Mi Lar Bulbul
7 Sharakan Early Music Ensemble - Sirt Im Sasani (My Heart Trembles With Fear)
8 compiled by G. Tchaikovsky-Mereshanu & K. Rusnak - Malovat Syrba
9 Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble - Yaman Yar (Oh, Darling Mine)

10 Yane Sandanski Ensemble - Aida, Yano (Come on, Yano)
11 Taraful din Mavrodin - Ciuleandra
12 Kolinda - Szerelem II
13 Habil Aliyev - Bayat-e Shiraz Part 1
14 Warsaw Village Band - Babas Ride
15 Merlin Virtuosi - Karoun
16 Laboratorium Pieśni - Oj Pomostu
17 Dennis Boxell - Posla si Rada
18 Vladimir Smbatyan, Edurad Papyan, Levon Hayrapetyan - Le Le, Aman, Yeghnik


  1. Floored by this one. THANK YOU!

    1. Happy to hear that IntervalSignal - and look forward to be floored by a future mix of yours

  2. hit me right in my heart, thank you very much.

    1. You're welcome jeansolpartre - glad you enjoyed it (and I'm guessing you like "L'écume des jours" as well).

  3. Yo Moahaha,
    Another great selection, thank you for making our hearts tremble! Cool version of Garuna.
    If you ever wanna make a guest comp for Tristes Humanistes it'd be a pleasure ;)

    1. Hey there LukeWarmcop,

      Thank you and thanks for the invitation - maybe I'll pick up on that. I'll get back to you in a not too distant future.

      -and keep up the good work, there's not many of us left...

      Best, Moahaha

  4. Question (not music related), what was the source of the image used for the cover of this compilation? Thanks in advance (and I appreciate the effort)

    1. I think this was my source (I can't really remember but it seems plausable) - at least the image I used can be found (along with loads of other stunning book covers etc...)