Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Dream Weapons present: (STOP AND) SMELL THE ROSES C60

It’s summer and sunny outside. I feel that it's time for another golden hour of oldies.  Eleven songs and (as often before) eleven matching instrumentals. Like my previous «A Million Dreams Ago» this collection contains nothing but oh so lovely, long forgotten* non-rockin’ delights from the 1950’s. And that’s what the world needs right now. At least here in my world -Moahaha 

*I suppose hardly anyone noticed these back when they were new either.

1 The Browns - Margo (The Ninth of May)
2 Hal McKusick Octet - How Long Has This Been Going On
3 Pearl Bailey - Hit the Road To Dreamland
4 Marty Wilson - Harlem Nocturne
5 Eunice Davis - Get Your Enjoy’s
6 Pernambuco e Seu Conjunto - Kalu
7 The Baton of Andre Brummer - Tumba
8 Don Ralke - Deserted Harem
9 John LaSalle Quartet - Dee Die Doe
10 Muzzy Marcellino - Street-scene
11 The Tarriers - Lonesome Traveler

12 Alain Romans / Aimé Barelli - Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot
13 Herminia Silva - A Nova Tendhina
14 All-Star Orchestra - De Fune
15 Flo Sandon's - Refranes
16 The Jimmy Giuffre 3 - The Green Country (New England Mood)
17 The Diamond Head Beachcombers - Across the Sea
18 The Trumpeteers - Home Don't Seem Like Home
19 Frank Hunter - Lost Plateau
20 Onilda Figueiredo - A Beira Mar
21 Mandolin' Club de Paris - Cinquième danse
22 June Hutton - I Had A Little Too Much To Dream Last Night




  1. I just love these music candies !Thank you for this gift, Moahaha !:)

    1. Thanks for the comment DOOMSTERJOHN. Enjoy:)

  2. Thanks for this & all your other great comps. I also follow you closely on Youtube, since that's where I find most of my music these days.

    1. You're welcome Playitagainmax:) - Btw: the songs shared on Youtube are always songs that weren't already available there on some other account.

  3. Recorded is as a cd this morning and played it in my car while driving... wonderful music!