Friday, June 7, 2024

Dream Weapons present: DEEP INSIDE A DREAM C90

We're falling down the rabbit hole. Transporting you into a wonderfully (and troublingly) surreal state. Sweet dreams gently interrupted by waves of unease. Like an adventure taking place inside of your subconscious. Or like someone is trying to tell you a half-remembered tale. A «can’t put my finger on it» sort of vague concept for a trip through the motions. Sounds fun doesn’t it? -Moahaha


1 Panthers of Chastity - Return to Bridmore
2 The Fool - Voice in the Wind
3 Mike Green - Theme From Head Light
4 Antique Doll - Glass Elver
5 Jasper Van't Hof & George Gruntz - Filomeel and Procne / Swallow and Nightingale
6 The Buckinghams - I Know I Think
7 The Ron Grainer Orchestra - No.6 Approaches the Escape Helicopter
8 Julia Blair - Lullaby Two
9 Antonio de Sousa Dias - As Fontes Mágicas De Gerénia
10 J.A. Caesar - Big Dipper
11 John Mills-Cockell - Speedy's Teardown
12 Maple Leaf - Epilogue to Return to Womb - エピローグ ~ 母胎回帰

13 Eric - Von Der Insel
14 Viola Kramer & Heinz Bielefeldt - Teddybär
15 Cristiano Varisco - O Canto do Urutau
16 Toadstone - Moon Song
17 Baba Scholar - She’s an Indian Minor
18 The Cowslips - Night Shift
19 Paz - Horrors
20 Mark McDowell - Message Sent
21 Ananda Shankar - Planet X
22 Linda Hoyle. - For My Darling
23 Neil Chotem and his Orchestra - And Now, It’s For Sure
24 Elaine & Derek - Brahms Lullaby




  1. Looks good Moahaha...many thanks.

    1. Let's hope it sounds good to you as well, zipper:)

  2. Very beautiful mix ! I really like the songs, Theme from Head Light,...and 7 No.6 Approaches the Escape Helicopter ! Perfect !Thanks, Moahaha !

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it - with a title like that, it simply had to be great:)