Saturday, October 7, 2023

Dream Weapons present: SOUNDS IN THE NIGHT C60

Well hello darkness, my old friend. A spooky All Hallow’s Eve-mix that doesn’t set out to actually scare you. Haunting in a comforting sort of way, and more like watching a vintage horror movie that’s not genuinely frightening to us anymore. Quite a few truly wonderful songs here. A little doom and gloom for the whole family to enjoy -Moahaha

Btw: This mix will have to do for all of October, I’m afraid. There will just be a lot of stuff going on in my life in the next couple of weeks and months. Mostly good stuff though:)

1 Jeri Simpson - In My Black Lace (1956)
2 The New Bangs - Go Go Kitty (1966)
3 Poppy Family - Endless Sleep (1969)
4 The First Theremin Era - The Barnabas Theme from "Dark Shadows" (1969)
5 The Residents - Six More Miles (To the Graveyard) (1986)
6 The Whips - Yes Master! (1958)
7 Bob Jacobs - The Small Assassin (1969)
8 The Strangers - Castle Mood (Balladi Olavinlinnasta) (1963)
9 Ethel Ennis - Mad Monster Party (1967)
10 The Riviares - Death Of A Surfer (1960's)
11 Judy Thomas - Never Say Devil Woman (1962)

12 Lallo Gori - La Morte Scende Leggera, Seq. 4 (1972)
13 The Tables - (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space (1990)
14 Luciano Michelini - Assassino Nel Buio (1975)
15 The Occasional Word - The Evil Venus Tree (1969)
16 Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo - Maid of the Moon (1963)
17 Gaitley & Fitzgerald - Seance Day (1967)
18 Motivations - The Birds (1964)
19 John Leyton - Voodoo Woman (1961)
20 Billy Saint - Midnight Freeze (1960)
21 Guy Warren - Midnight Rain (1958)
22 Rusty Isabell - Manhunt (1959)
23 Russ Garcia - Sounds In The Night (1957)




  1. Thank you, really looking forward to this

    1. Hope you enjoy it, Kelly. I suppose in a way this is quite similar in approach to my Xmas Delights-series (except virtually all of the songs in the former series are actually about Christmas, while nothing here addresses Halloween)

  2. Some nice shares this last month Mohaha. Many thanks.

  3. Oh, that's a beautiful mix! Thanks, Moahaha! The last three songs are really great! I am adding them to this amateur /Spy,gangster,horror,surf,old world/ compilation of mine
    download here:!ZGN4LmR2ZwR0AGL3MwDlMGD4AwD0AUALHwIJnQScZRIuHmuuLj==

    1. Thanks again! Unfortunatly your link is not working.

  4. sorry, it should work now !!ZGN4LmR2ZwR0AGL3MwDlMGD4AwD0AUALHwIJnQScZRIuHmuuLj==

  5. or

  6. definetely my mood, thank you again!