Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Dream Weapons present: TERRESTRIAL PLANETS C90

As you may have noticed I’ve made quite a few 1970’s jazz-themed mixtapes. On Terrestrial Planets all the music presented were recorded sometime in between 1958-1968. My first from this era but probably not the last. With an illustration like this and the matching title - I was certain the cover would end up resembling a long lost Sun Ra release. I was wrong. Misleading art or not, I quite like the visual presentation nevertheless. More importantly here’s fifteen under-the-radar warbles of extraordinary beauty and a sense of mystery for you to immerse yourself in! -Moahaha

1 Soul Flutes - Trust In Me
2 Ahmad Jamal - This Terrible Planet
3 Sabu Martinez - Moon Black
4 Jack Wilson - Most Unsoulful Woman
5 Sahib Shihab - Charade
6 Wlodzimierz Nahorny - Ballada O Dwóch Serduszkach
7 Duke Pearson - Bedouin

8 Jazz in the Classroom - She Came From Afar
9 The Grassella Oliphant Quartette - Haitian Lady
10 Freddie McCoy - Listen Here
11 Mal Waldron - Quiet Temple
12 Joki Freund Sextet - Yogiana
13 Jimmy Giuffre - Space
14 The Three Sounds - Tammy’s Breeze
15 Attila Zoller - Family Bricks


  1. Thanks, I'm excited to listen to this tomorrow. You always do such a fantastic job with these comps.

    1. Thank you! Hope you enjoyed it:)

    2. Thank you! (I though I had already replied to this)

  2. Someone said jazz is the truest music and he's probably right!...thanks for this mix,Moahaha

    1. Yes maybe. A "pure" musical expression by musicians that improvise, communicate and interact through their instruments. But then again I guess I can say more or less the same about other kinds of music as well:)

  3. Absolutely! When I was young, I thought that death metal expressed the truth about life !:)