Monday, August 15, 2016



Not sure this title sits well with any native speaker of english but it makes sense to me. A ghost story of the sort that might have given you a good scare as a child, but maybe not so much if revisited as a grown up. It won't give you nightmares anymore but the dense, haunting atmosphere is still present. Childhood memories both from experience and fiction when magic and the supernatural felt just as real as reality.


1. Klaus Morlock - Lovely Molly
2. Pantaleimon - We Love (Pink Light)
3. Jon Brooks - Neap Tide
4. Haruomi Hosoni - La Kanto Rondiro de al Steloj
5. Caldera - The Mother Stood
6. Paul Nagle - 732 and 815
7. Kimtak Building – The Thirsty Pond
8. Barbara Morgenstern w/ Jacaszek - Den Kommenden Morgen
9. Stefano Leproto - Theme From the Black Pyramid
10. Traditionalists - Funeral for What Might Have Been (Sophia's Theme)
11. Naushad – Song of the Waves
12. Alice Through The Looking Glass - Through the Looking Glass
13. Alessandro Alessandroni - Whistle Waves

14. Ginny Simms & Kay Kyser's Band - I'd Know You Anywhere/One Track Mind
15. Vic Mars - Butterflies, Bees and Other Insects
16. Brannten Schnüre – Pfirsche
17. Aleksei Rybnikov – Big Space Travel
18. Keeler - Montage of a Dream – Deferred
19. Wolfgang Riechmann - Abendlicht
20. Combustable Edison - Theme From Tiki Wonder
21. Fred Bogusto – Un Détective (The Murder Theme)
22. Ken Nordine - Piccolos
23. The Ilk - Of Hogben's Hill
24. Paul Mark - To Ryan Se
25. Eric Demarsan – Arrivee a Paris
26. Umberto - Lost Night
27. Kosmisher Läufer – Der Traum des Jungen

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