Monday, February 19, 2024

Dream Weapons present: WHEN BRIDDES SINGETH BREME C60

The title means «When birds sing gloriously» which again is taken from a British medieval song titled «Lenten ys come with loue to toune». Speaking of the Middle Ages, the musical content of «When briddes singeth breme» is so-called Early Music based on material dating back to the 13th up to the 15th century. In the olden days life was brutal and ugly, but miserable lives calls for art of otherworldly beauty. For most of you it will probably sound much like folk music. And that's because it essentially is folk music. With every tune included originating from the mainland of Europe, my «Ye Olde England»-like title ended up as somewhat misleading. That’s because I made the cover art at an early stage, and every jolly «Hey nonny, nonny»-ditty was removed underway. Which is probably all for the better -Moahaha  

1 Reval’s Troubadours - Mit Ganzem Herzen
2 Veronique Chalot - La Chanson de Mai
3 Marc Lewon, Baptiste Romain & Ensemble Leones - Clausula
4 Kalenda Maya - El Rey de Francia
5 Phil Et Emmanuelle Fromont - La Brande
6 Micrologus - Volta ti in ca Rosina
7 Gothart - Imperayritz
8 Ensemble Unicorn - Ghaetta

9 Catherine Braslavsky - Je Te Pri De Cuer Par Amors
10 John Sothcott & St. George's Canzona - Estampie Real
11 Studio Der Frühen Musik - Lamento di Tristano
12 Ensemble Oni Wytars - Mari Stanko
13 Götterfunken - Nevestinko Oro
14 Fabio Tricomi, Fabio Accurso & Roberto Bolelli - Eia Frates
15 Alla Francesca - J'aime la Biaute


Btw: In my late teens/early 20’s I was a passionate Medieval and Renaissance music collector. I became quite the amateur/expert. At least I thought so myself. But I never really recovered after my whole record collection was stolen in a break in. Thinking about it still fills me with sadness. But time has healed the wounds enough for me to compile this for you. Anyway, to find out more about the music and it's origins in fuller detail, you will have to google search the ensembles and titles. I did not have it in me to include all of that this time around.


  1. oooooohhhh.... this is very nice.

    If I may, I'd also like to share something kind of related, because it's more Renaissance than Medieval.

    Eugene Müller-Dombois's arrangements of John Dowland's "Lachrimae Or Seaven Teares" And Fourteen Other Dances has been a favorite of mine for a while.

    Thanks again for the mix!

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying this. I'm quite familiar with Dowland, "Lachrimae" and I think some of those additional dances as well. But I hadn't heard this album (or Eugene Müller-Dombois's arrangements) - which I'm listening to it right now. Sounds exquisite:). Thank you. Maybe I'll do a "Renaissance songs and dances golden hour" sometime in the future.

  2. Moahaha you are a living treasure!

    1. Oh thank you - at least I like to think that I share treasures:)

  3. Nice...Thank you... Appreciated!!!

  4. Simply, beautiful music! Thank you,Moahaha !

  5. Thanks very much as usual. If anyone else does comps like this I don't know about it.

    1. You're welcome. Perhaps not like this - let me know if you locate anyone:)