Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Dream Weapons present: FIRST THE DANCE, THEN THE FEAST C60

Another compilation of wondrous folk music from behind the former Iron Curtain. Not so much the festive fairy tale dance party the cover art and title suggests. There’s some of that as well. But heartfelt songs and achingly beautiful melodies for the most part. Which is what made me fall in love and obsess with folk music from all over the world in the first place -Moahaha 

-Please forgive me if you’re among the... I don't know Billion people (probably more) who lives in one of these vastly different nations and cultures… often with little or nothing in common. It may appear as an inane concept for collecting an hour of music. But coming up with loose concepts and trying to make them work musically or sonically together, is what I do. Next up is folk from Western Europe, so at least I treat us all - myself included - with equal cultural ignorance:)

1 Чкотуа семейный ансамбль / The Chkotua Family Ensemble - Озбакь иашва / Ozbak Iashwa (Abkhazia, Georgia)
2 Gevorg Dabaghyan - Hayots Aghcheekner (Armenia)
3 Trio Bulgarka - Снощи съм минал, кумум Еленке / Snoshti Sum Minal, Kouzoum Elenke (Bulgaria)
4 State Merited Company of Georgia Folk Songs and Dances - Чакам те, мила / Chakam te, mila (Georgia)
5 Kolinda - Toredekek I (Hungary)
6 Мирза Тоиров (Mirza Toirov) - Бир келсун Bir Kelsun (Uzbekistan)
7 Vanja Lazarova Dimitrovska - Aj Iznikna mi Badem Drvo (Macedonia)
8 Filip Kutev & State Ensemble for Folk Song and Dance - Cijo Momice (Bulgaria)
9 Silvestru Lungoci - Doina Haiduceasca (Romania)
10 Dragica Nikolova - Da Sum Bistra Voda (Macedonia)

11 Hachig Kazarian Ensemble - Daldala-Satchmé (Armenia)
12 Yane Sandanski Ensemble - Руса въз роса вървеше, Теб та ни приляга, Мори, ваклай, ваклай (Bulgaria)
13 Levon Madoyan & Hachik Khachatrian, Vladimir Egorian - Derbent (Armenia)
14 Hamlet Gonashvili - Imeruli Nana (Georgia)
15 Abkhazian State Song and Dance Ensemble - Саматхуа Радеда (Abkhazia/Georgia)
16 Aram Merangulian & Armenian Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments - Kenarigi Bar (Armenia)
17 Aidas - Ant Kalno Malūnėlis (Lithuania)
18 Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble - Narine – Choir (Armenia)
19 Taraful din Mavrodin - Pe Deal Pe Teleorman (Romania)

20 Veneta Tsvetkova / Венета Цветкова - Three Nightingales are Singing Like Larks / Три бюлбюла пеят (Bulgaria)



The title title borrowed from a Hungarian folk tale, listen to: First the Dance, Then the Feast (read by Bethany O’Halloran)


  1. OUTSTANDING!!! super enjoyable mix for this sundaymorning... Thank you so much..

  2. Truly incredible music! Where on Earth do you find this stuff? (My guess... slsk)

    1. Thank you! I've never tried slsk/soulseek - or any kind of torrent (I don't even know exactly what it is). Never gotten past looking at the front page. I like blogs that share rips from their collection. Like those on our blog list. I don't know how to answer the question... I'm interested in ALL kinds of music and I always have been. So I have all kinds of music in my collection too:)

    2. Wow man, just think how prolific you could be if you learned that stuff :-)

      I have all the Dream Weapons mixes, all the Holy Warbles, and working my way through your RYM lists (though much of that is sadly now offline). I guess I need to pay more attention to the blogroll though.

      As a fan of ethnic and traditional musics from around the world I hope you will consider doing more mixes like this one. Whatever you lack in ethnomusicological expertise, you make up for with a great ear.

    3. Haha I don't want to learn that stuff (I'm sure I'd figured it out if I tried) - or be more profilic than I am:). And thanks again.

  3. beautiful mix! this one really hits my spot. whenever I hear Hamlet Gonashvili I'm in heaven

    1. Thank you - yes Hamlet Gonashvili is always uniquely beautiful and affecting.