Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Dream Weapons present: THE TREE HUGGERS C90

Reading about the origins of the term «tree hugger», I ended up compiling a tribute of sorts to the Chipko Movement in India*. Speaking in musical terms, it’s ninety minutes of instrumental acoustic «eastern-sounding world-vibes» of light and dark. A celebration of the good in mankind while mourning the evil deeds of the wicked, simultaneously. But that’s just me and how I tend to think about these things, I suppose. Music for both meditation and contemplation -Moahaha 

*& the 364 Bishnoi villagers who sacrificed their lives to save trees - whom that movement were originally inspired by

1 Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures - Ourobouros
2 Roman Bunka - Egypt Eyes
3 Hossein Farjami - Jahromi
4 Kanguru - Ras Lila
5 Orexis - Anthraxis
6 Lothlorien - Duet for Sarod and Alto Flute
7 Rabih Abou-Khalil - Dawn

8 Giacomo Dell'Orso - La Fame Nel Mondo
9 Om - Aguni
10 Braen - Danse de la Mort
11 Light Rain - Beautiful Friend
12 Turgun Alimatov - Куйгай
13 Nouthong Phimvilayphone - Lam Tanvai
14 Ahmed Abdul-Malik - Magrebi
15 Stenio Mendes - Sonata Perdida
16 Seagram - Night King



  1. Hi Moahaha, I've been listening to quite some of your soundscapes, I like them a lot, but this one really stands out for me, very delightful ..

    1. Hi moos - many thanks! I have discovered quite a few gems over at your amazing Global Groove-page too, of course:)