Sunday, October 28, 2018

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: DRAIN CRYSTALS 2 C60

We're back! There's been a few real life complications that has prevented us from posting lately - a computer crash amongst them. But we have no intentions of quitting although this is our...

100th mix (hurrah!) and we had HUGE plans but the only thing that materialised is this follow-up to the first Dream Weapons-mixtape ever posted. So here it is: approximately 20 minutes of conscientiously selected music from each - all in a Drain Crystals-mode. Which means intimate, gentle, darkly gorgeous and haunting but nevertheless strange music - covering most of those genres and styles you’ve all grown accustomed to from Sadhu Sadhu ⟡, Praha Devi ☾︎ and Moahaha ♌︎︎. Cheers!

1 Freddie Phillips With Brian Cant - Music Box ⟡
2 Nilson - And from his blood, the crops would spring ♌︎︎
3 Chêne Noir - Le Train ☾︎
4 Blod - Arvet (Sadhu Sadhu edit) ⟡
5 Åsa Blind - Sabmelas ♌︎︎
6 Carl Orff  - Berceuse ⟡
7 Sub S Ritual + Pacific 231  - A Jazzy Tragedy ♌︎︎
8 Vladimir Levi & Kim Breitburg - Не Уходи Дарящий ☾︎
9 Oldrich Janota, Irena & Vojtech Havlovi - Dny Zimy ⟡
10 Sidan - Y Rhwyd ♌︎︎

11 Sunforest - All In Good Time ⟡
12 Tamia & Pierre Favre - Maroua ☾︎
13 Maria Rita - Canção da Garoa ☾︎
14 Yun Yeon Seon (윤연선) - Do Not Ask Why It Is (왜냐묻지 말아요) ♌︎︎
15 Gino Pittoni - Controllo Finale ♌︎︎
16 Wilcox, Sullivan, Wilcox - Snow On A Mountain ⟡
17 Webley Edwards - Canoe Song ☾︎
18 Paul Mark and the Geishas - Just a Gay Romance ⟡
19 Kitty White & Hal Mooney - Plain Gold Ring ♌︎︎

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  1. I was starting to get worried! Sincere Congratulations! Great Mix once again...and thanks for reminding me to do a backup tonight...

    1. I was getting worried myself there for a little while but at least all my files (including future mixes) were saved... Glad you're enjoying this one too!

  2. wow guys, congrats on 100! serious milestone :)

  3. Thanks Bloodmav! Heard them all yet? hehe

  4. Congratualations from my side also! Hope the complications are now over! Looking patiently foreward to your 101th...200th mixtape.

  5. Congratulations on your 100th mix, guys! Really appreciate the time and effort you put into all of these. Looking forward to the next 100 :-)

    1. Thanks a bunch Jaco! And so nice to see you’re still here! You’re one of our longest going followers by now. Much appreciated!

  6. A very great embrace to all crew for your 100th mix, thanks a lot for the immeasurable deep-intense wonderful musical times you gave us just for the love we share, i mean Music!!!!!

    Here's a post on my blog specially dedicated for all you, wise men:


    Crazy Monkey.

    1. Wow! Thanks Crazy Monkey! That actually means a lot to us. Will check out the collection tomorrow (it’s close to 1 am here) Again, thanks so much for the dedication!

    2. Please be my guest, as me every month, leeching you hehe!!

      Crazy Monkey.

    3. Thanks so much Crazy Monkey! We are all very honoured. I am in Saigon now ironically enough.

  7. Thanks a lot to you Prabha Devi, enjoy your time in Saigon!!! (and please, don't stop to sharing all jewels you have ;) )

    Cheers pal!!

  8. How do you guys make your covers for your releases? I love them!💪

    1. Hey ghost AKA Eddie Brock, glad you like 'em!

      -I tried to describe the process of making a mixtape - including cover art in "The Time Capsule"-comment section (have a look). I found it difficult to explain though, and it doesn’t seem to have been helpful to the person who asked.

      But first you (obviously) need some Image Manipulation Program - like Photoshop, or the one I use: GIMP... the latter is free to download. If you’re new to all that it’ll take a little while to get used to the tools, coloring, filters etc… I’m sure there’s plenty of youtube tutorials that’ll get you started.

      Its much easier if you use an "existing" cassette cover as a base (one of our more straight forward designs such as «Ancient Future» should do the trick - you’ll find a large image file in each download-folder) for the one you’d like to make. I always find some nice and somewhat relevant image - an old book-cover, a vintage photo or illustration etc... adjust it in size and paste it over image on the the front of the existing cover thet you got. I often use the «clone tool» to clean up/remove old text/info. There’s also thousands of free fonts to download and install. Just write «free fonts "psychedelic» «Eastern European»… or whatever you need.

      … I don’t know whether you’re used to work with «photoshop» or not. If you’re not I have a feeling this won’t get you started. And if you’re a designer this far too elementary. Anyway, don't hesitate to ask and I'll try to answer in more detail.