Monday, May 7, 2018

Dream Weapons present: HALCYON DAZE C60

"Halcyon Daze is a harken back to the good old days when smiles were contagious and there were no hipsters to ruin the party. It's a collection of songs from all over the world that share the same or similar sentiment, and are designed to bring a smile to the face. This is not an obscure mix to weigh against experts of the ouvre. This is simply made for picnics and parties, a mix to put on and not worry for 60 minutes."

-Prabha Devi

Sam Sander - Silvery Nile
The Talbot Brothers - Old Uncle Joe
Hubert Smith & His Coral Islanders - Green Ticket
Blind Blake And The Royal Victoria Hotel Calypsos - j. p. morgan
The Bermudas - Chu Sen Ling
Joseph Kabasele & African Jazz - Independance Cha Cha Cha
Pacho Galán Y Su Orquesta - Cumbia Sincelejana
Three Cats - 黄色いさくらんぼ
Lucho Bermudez - San Fernando
Gilbert Bécaud - Croquemitoufle

Josephine Premice - Sweetie Joe
Lucie Eyenga - Yaka Mama
Michal Turtle - Jeka
Ajda Pekkan - Boş Vermişim Dünyaya
王愛明 Wong Oi Ming - 我一定要告訴你 I Have To Tell You
Bernie Green - Futura
Abdel Halim Hafez - Ya mugramin
Juçara Marçal e Kiko Dinucci - Engasga Gato / Casa Barata
Os Tincoãs - Promessa Ao Gantois
Ethel Azama - Kawohikukapulani



  1. Spring is back again...thank you for the beautiful (as usual) mixture...congolese rumbas, calypsos, sambas, turkish-klezmer, hawaiian tweets, east meets west melodies...Armand

    1. Thanks again Armand! We try hard to keep our regulars happy!

      All the best

    2. Thanks a lot for your continued support Armand! Your feedback is hugely inspiring and always reflected and well weighted. It’s people like you that makes doing this worthwhile! All the best, SS

  2. Certainly a mix to be played as a whole. I’ve put it on at work the last few days. My work colleagues would have what may be described as ‘conservative’ music tastes.... interestingly enough they’ve been constantly commenting on how ‘cool’ the music is. It’s raised to vibe of the workplace! Although one girl said it sounded like ‘hipster coffee shop music’.... Whatever!!

    1. Haha! Hipster coffee shop music! Thats amazing.

      Thanks again Rex and Sadhu Sadhu! It's a pleasure making mixtapes when people actually enjoy them.

  3. Hi Brent, yes it's both nicely written and a truly enjoyable mix. I'll show your comment to Prabha Devi (best, Moahaha).