Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dream Weapons present: OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD C90

After a short interlude wandering the lonely streets at night we follow the yellow brick road from the summer of love to Altamont and the Manson Family… A slight exaggeration of contrasting opposites there. I could have just informed you that the mix mostly contains warm and loving hippieish-stuff, but there’s both lightly naive and darker-tinged tunes to be found. That would be boring though. How about: a psychedelic trip down memory lane the way nobody remembers it - complied by someone who wasn’t there.


1 New Life - Empty Streets
2 West Coast Workshop - The Dowser And The Thaumaturgi
3 Sabu Martinez - Wounded Knee
4 Foreningen Til Livets Beskyttelse - Fuldmane
5 The Holy Mackerel - Listen to the Voice
6 Jorge Reyes - En el Fondo del Barranco.. Pt. 2
7 John Phillips - The Bird With The Plastic Feathers
8 Vestenvinden - Byen - Del 1
9 Charles Bernstein/Jerry Whitman - Turn Around (Vocal)
10 Vindharpen - Asteroide
11 China Clark and Amirh Bahati - Sunshine & Warmth
12 Rainbow Generator - City Of The Sun
13 Children Of One - Spheres

14 Pugh Rogefeldt - Sail With Me, Come On And Try - I Love You
15 Toubabou - Youvalou Rada (La Nature en Personne)
16 Fishbaugh, Fishbaugh & Zorn - The Best of Times
17 Sky Sulamyth - Caribou Flight
18 Unspoken Word - Morning
19 Jeremy Rothenberg - The Killer (Cherokee Indian)
20 Stenio Mendes - Taquará
21 Bazaar - Harmandali Zeybek
21 Emil Richards and the Factory - No Place I'd Rather Be
23 Thomas Almqvist - Mot Natten
24 Ace of Cups - Afro Blue
25 Brother Ah - Visions


-The aquatint on the cover is «Offering of the Mandan Indians» - plate 14 from Karl Bodmer’s Travels in America.


  1. Super, duper! Peachy keen! Whammo! Spot on old boy! Sink me!

    1. Haha thanks! Haven't seen or thought about the phrase peachy-keen since I had a hang-up on Serutan Yob. It's got some great lyricism

      The boy I mean was oh-so peachy-keen,
      A real gone guy from Goneville.
      He was scattyboo and oogledy-too,
      And he lived in Pasahogan.

  2. Had the impression to hear the soundtrack to someones' dream, to be inside an hallucinatory mind and to assist to shamanic rituals...Thank you!

    Thanks also to Sadhu Sadhu for his nice comment on my short comments. I'm not a native english speaker so I do my best to express the great pleasure I have to hear all your mixes. Best. Armand

    1. Thanks Armand! I'm not a native english speaker either - but I can safely state that your english is more than good enough to describe my mix much better than I'm able to myself.

  3. I'm there. Thanks very much!

    1. If Psychfan is there I must have done something right - thanks!

  4. Wow, Armand's description is beautiful! A wonderful mix of familiar and obscure (mostly the latter). Vestenvinden, Vindharpen tracks are exceptional. I'm getting the impression that Denmark was a very fertile hotbed of acid folk, Pugh Rogefeldt, loving that too. Once again you've sent me down the rabbit hole of musical discovery...
    Moahaha, you've created a psych mix to be proud of!!

    1. I got the same impression about the danish scene as you do rex. It seems largely unexplored and filled with gems. Julian Cope's Danskrocksampler only scratches the surface (not meant as a complaint at all - its a compilation of eleven songs/bands and a nice, informative read).

      Well, If I did create something resembling Armand's description... and sent you down the rabbit hole of musical discovery... I'm kind of proud I guess - thanks!