Friday, December 29, 2017

Dream Weapons present: TOTENTANZ C60

Christmas is over, and the new year is closing in on us. Here is a collection of up- to mid-tempo tunes to keep you entertained during the last few days of the year or even on new years eve. This mix takes a dip into some slower territory halfway trough side B, so you can refill your glasses, mingle or lean back to catch your breath before the final floor filler kicks you into the new year.

Best wishes for 2018 to all of you,
Sadhu Sadhu

Soliman Gamil - Dialoque Qanun Hautbois Et Flute Traversiere
Dia Prometido - The End Of Time
Abdou El Omari - Zifaf Filfada
Lucky Dube & Super Soul - Kudala Ngikuncenga
Šaban Bajramovic - Hapima
Virgina Lopez - Fichas Negras
The Dynamites - One Way Street
Yo Yo Hashi - Along The Ginza
Masako Izumi & Ken Yamauchi  - Ginza Lights
Filomena - True la la Reggae 

Dignitary Stylish - Jah Send Me Come
Samuel Belay - Keresh Endewaza
Carmen Miranda - Gente Bamba
Alonso Pedrozo - Rock en acordeon
Dave Brubeck feat. Ragu - Raga Theme For Ragu
Mahy Et Les Amis Des Ondes - Antilles' Méchant Bateau
Big Jim Sullivan - The Koan
Ketema Makkonen - Kibret Alem
Franco Godi - Fernet Branca 
ໂນລາ - ລຳຕັ່ງຫວາຍ




  1. Many thanks Chaps,
    You've put out loads of inspiring music this year.
    Saved my bacon on a number of occasions.
    Silicone Values.

    1. Thanks for the feedback mr. Glad you have enjoyed our efforts this last year, and delighted to have saved your bacon several times this past months. (I'm not familiar with the term, but I'm assuming its a positive) Luckely for myself and Prabha, Moahaha is vegitarian, so more bacon for the rest of us.

      All the best for the new year SV, and hope you'll find the forthcoming mixes as inspiring as the ones now in the past.

    2. Lol all the more facon for me - which I'm yet to have tasted (btw: are you certain that Silicone Values is a mr?)

    3. Ai, absoltely not, I guess I simply assumed. And btw, there is a shop right next door to my place that’s supposed to have the best facon cheese burgers in town. Just so you know for the next time you come to visit! I was tempted to make a sad joke about a soy sausage fest in this comment, but I manged not to.

  2. Thank you or the many interesting mixes. All the best in the New year to all of you!

    1. Thank you for the feedback and for sticking around Bill. May 2018 treat you well and give you good things.

  3. Great stuff! Lucky Dube & Super Soul are my favourite band of 2018 thus far

    1. Thanks Rex, glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully we’ll be able to introduce you to more favorites throughout 2018

  4. Excellent blog guys. Can't wait to hear what's next.