Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dream Weapons present: XMAS DELIGHTS VOL. VI C90


I’m running out of new ways to introduce the same concept for the sixth time in as many years, so I’ll quote myself from 2016 instead "My favorite Christmas tunes reminds why as a child the Yuletide used to be my favorite time of the year. An idealized daydream of what the festive season should be about - or once was"

 -Yet another nostalgia-drenched mix containing a generous chunk of oldies plus jazzy or folk-oriented seasonal-songs. Now you've potentially got seven and a half hours of top notch xmas-delights to enjoy. Who would have thunk it was possible? Not me that’s for sure. Anyway I hope you have yourself an ultra-Merry Christmas! -Moahaha 

1. Steve Gray - Winter Pastoral
(Steve Gray, 1969)
2. The Lyttle Folk - A’ Soalin
(Rev. M. P. Holme, 1891/Traditional)
3. Chorale - Patapan
(Bernard de La Monnoye, 17/18th century. France)
4. Ennio Morricone con I Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni - Tiger Rally ⟡
(Badalamenti, Perrey and Kingsley’, 1966)
5. The Glad Singers - Ox and Donkey
(Don Walker, 1965)
6. Esa Katajavuori - Sinivuorten Yö
(Sofie Lithenius, 1890’s, Finland) 
7. María Teresa Chacín - A Ti Te Cantamos
8. Jacques Douai - Noel Polonais
(Poland, 1705)
9. Robert Maxwell - Chanson De Noel
(Traditional French)
10. Эдита Пьеха (Edita Pyekha) - Зимняя песенка (Winter Song)
(Vilen "Willi» Tokarev, Russian) 
11. Zola Van - Huron Carol
(Jean de Brébeuf, 1642. Canada)
12. Maureen Morton, Jack Simpson & His Sextet - Once Upon a Winter-Time
(Bobby Worth and Ray Gilbert, 1948)
13. The Seeger Sisters - Joseph and Mary (The Cherry Tree Carol)
(early 15th century England)
14. Stephen Kirby/Ronald Soules/Walter Slasher/Hollinwood Girls’ Choir - Excerpt from Shepherd's Nativity Play/Shepherd's Cradle Song/Coventry Carol
(Live broadcast, 1957)
15. Meko - Masters in the Hall
(Marin Marais, 1706)
16. Marinela Baba - Numa Tu Doamne poți ști
(Romanian colinde)
17. Jancis Harvey - Simple Gifts
(A Shaker song by Elder Joseph Brackett, 1848)

18. Shirley & Dolly Collins - The Moon Shines Bright
(Traditional carol collected by Lucy Broadwood ca. 1900)
19. Kindred Spirits - Christmas Eve is Here
(Traditional french)
20. HCJB Radio Staff Men's Chorus - Come, O Ye Shepherds (Venid Pastores)
(Traditional spanish)
21. Pete Seeger - Italian Christmas Song
(Saint Alphonsus Liguori, 1732. Italy)
22. Henry Hall feat. The Three Sisters - The Fairy On The Christmas Tree
(Harry Parr-Davies and Roma Cambell Hunter, 1936)
23. George Shearing, String Choir - Snowfall
(Claude Thornhill, 1960)
24. Gordon MacRae / Van Alexander - The Bells Of St. Mary’s
(A. Emmett Adams / Douglas Farber, 1917)
25. Randy Van Horne Singers - Skater’s Waltz
(Émile Waldteufel, 1882)
26. June Christy - The Magic Gift
(Connie Pearce and Arnold Miller, 1961)
27. Johnny Hawksworth - Christmas Glitter (1)
(Johnny Hawksworth, 1969)
28. The Brothers Cazimero - Little Drummer Boy
(Katherine Kennicott Davis, 1941)
29. Keur Guilaye - Chant de Noël Sérère: "Hani"
(Keur Moussa, Senegal)
30. Natacha & Anastasia Breeva - Dobni Vetcher
31. Al Tall - Maria Anava Partera
32. Appalachian Christmas Quartet - Come Let Us Sing Noel
(Traditional French, Late 15th Century)
33. Accademia Jaufrè Rudel - Orientis Partibus (Feast of the Ass) lol
(French, 13th Century)
34. Barry and Beth Hall - Quem Pastores
(Trad. 14th century)
35. Ansamblul Folcloric Țara Vrancei & Ro-Mania - La Tulpina Mărului
(Romanian colinde)

⟡ = a present from Sadhu Sadhu


-Link to Xmas Delights I-V... and for those who prefer streaming I might as well add last year's Mixcloud-player directly to this post:


  1. Moahaha - I enjoyed listening to this year's Xmas Delights with great pleasure, you put a lot of soul into this, including the superb cover art!

    All the best for the fest.,

  2. Thank you! - I really appreciate the comment both regarding cover art and music (+ soul).

    All the best to you too, Lucky,

  3. I'm with Lucky on this one......these sounds will adorn my winter festival table as i dish out the vegetarian fayre and shun corporate gift exchanges.
    Happy new year.

  4. Happy new year Jonny Zchivago! -knowing these sounds will adorn your winter festival is pretty awesome.

    Bwt: You've got the most unique shares online that I'm aware of, and your write ups/rants are always worth reading - so I should have left some thank-you notes over at Die or D.I.Y long ago. I don't really do new year's resolutions but I guess showing some gratitude whenever someone's provided me with a new favorite artist (such as Mark Shreeve), sounds like something I could start doing more often.

  5. oh goodness. cant think you enough for these holydei delights.. not t mention the other mixes. happy darkness to all those in the northern hemisphere!

  6. Although it may not be particularly dark wherever you are situated: happy darkness from the northern hemisphere to the Big Sun

  7. Thank you for this Xmas gift. Your mixes have blown my mind wide open I can’t begin to tell you. All the best from Australia

  8. Reading that our mixes can blow a mind wide open is one of the reasons compiling them is such an (unpaid) labor of love, Rex. So on behalf on all three of us; thanks for letting us know.

    All the best from the cold north

  9. hey again, dearest friends. I wanna say that I love all the music you all share here and elsewhere. bestest of seasons, even if for no reasons, from the Southern Appalachians. here's t hoping that sun makes a turn upwards.. :)

    1. Thanks for this warm greeting Big Sun. A pleasure to have you around! Best wishes for the new year!

  10. Thanks for the mix! Warmed us up here in on a -5ºf xmas

    1. I'm happy to hear Lynn! I clicked on you're name and had a quick look at sweeps atelier - your posts looked more than intriguing enough for revisiting and I'll certainly check out your own mix (or mixes)

  11. revisiting these gems. hope all are well. happy solstice and such.

    1. Cool thanks! I'll share Volume VII here in two days (the 17th). Hope you are doing well and happy solstice to you too