Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dream weapons present: YESTERLAND C90

Welcome (back) to Yesterland! I took the title from an online theme park for discontinued Disneyland attractions. Its actually a reworking of my third Pre-Rock mixtape* now improved in sound and flow with thirteen "brand new" and better tunes! Just about as fresh as a revisit to Yesterland can get...

One reason I love compiling music from the days of shellac is that the concept of «around the world in music» works like magic when the tunes are sonically unified in murky sound and hiss. Of course another appeal is that from the first half of the 20th century there's still so much unheard greatness out there waiting to get discovered.

1. Anne Shelton - Nightingale / 1942
2. Barnabás Von Géczy - Mexican Serenade / 1935
3. Olga Guillot - No Se Que Tienes - 1945
4. The Boswell Sisters - Forty Second Street / 1933
5. Henry Theel - Liljankukka / 1945
6. Annette Hanshaw - Ua Like a Like / 1929
7. Josef Marais - The Wanderers Song / 1946
8. Hibari Misora - Anooka Koete / 1951
9. Choir of Sendai Renbo Koji School - Kojo No Tsuki /  1957
10. Lidia Martorana - Marcellino Pan y Vino / 1957
11. Song Club - Věrný Kamarád / 1930’s
12. Pawlo Humeniuk - Na Wesiliu / 1926
13. Adam Aston - Nie Chce, Ale Musze / 1934
14. Géza Komor Orchester - Avant de Mourir / 1929
15. Koula Nikolaidhou & Trio Kitara - Tsika, Tsika, Tsou / 1950
16. Eartha Kitt / Tierra Va Temblar / 1950

17. Ted Lewis - Egyptian Ella - 1931
18. Lee Wiley - Motherless Child - 1934
19. Jean Lumière - La Paimpolaise - 1946
20. Karády Katalin - Mar Ismerem a Legszebb Szot - 1943
21. R. A. Dvorský a jeho Melody Boys - Kdybych Neměl Srdce / 1932
22. Alexandra Potchvershuy - Dariko /1936
23. Alberto Rabagliati & Trio Lescano - Brilla Una Stella In Cielo / 1940
24. Janusz Poplawski - Garmoszka / 1930’s
25. Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy - Casey Jones Blues / 1931
26. Ruth Etting - Happy Days And Lonely Nights / 1928
27. Ken 'Snakeships' Johnson & His West Indian Dance Band (with Al Bowlly & the Henderson Twins) - Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind / 1940
28. Jack Hart And His Dance Band - Song of the Dawn / 1930’s
29. Fréhel - L'Obsede / 1930
30. Toula Abratzi - Soultana / 1937
31. Rena Ntallia - Yialeli / 1952


*originally shared elsewhere over three years ago. Plus I’m well aware that rock had existed for a couple of years in 1957, but the two tunes in question sound as if they’re from ancient times.


  1. Brilliant. Perfect headphone listening for a long flight. Hearty thanks for the post.

  2. You are very welcome kingpossum - hope you enjoyed your flight!

  3. i had this one, but wanted to say thanks for showing the way, so to speak. very nice.

    1. Your welcome Big Sun - but do check it out because almost half the songs on the old version are replaced with more awesome ones on this.

    2. Oh, good thing i checked back! I saw the title and the asterisk 'neath the mixcloud link, but neglected to read the whole post. (Hmm, 'whole post', hole and the pole, 1 0, IO, io, off to work eye go..)

    3. I think you just wrote some dadaist poetry there Big Sun - or perhaps its a nursery rhyme

      -I originally planned to "clean up the sound" and change one or two tunes, but once got I started... anyway hope you find this revisit worth your time.

  4. What a nice surprise to hear some Afrikaans (my home language) in one of the songs in this mix. "The Wanderers Song" by Josef Marais. "Come my horses, gallop heartily, it's only 6 miles, tomorrow night you'll be eating peacefully back at home in the barn" Translation for anyone who was interested :-) Thanks for all the mixes, everyone!

    1. Thanks for the translation, Jaco. I certainly found it interesting. Really beautiful - like the rest of the lyrics. I think "The Wanderers Song" is based on an (even) older South African folk song?

  5. Your shellac journeys are so inspiring! I never tire of this stuff...

  6. I never tire myself Danielle. I'd say the past is atleast as exiting as the future. Stay tuned for 1. Reblooming Perennials (postwar gems), 2. Windswept Daydream (dreamy nostalgia) & of course 3. Xmas Delights VI...